S1 E5: Honda’s new battery deal, Porsche 3 years of free charging, an interview with Rivian’s CEO, EV winter driving efficiency, and a flurry of Tesla news

All Things EV Podcast S1 E5

What’s going on everyone. Welcome back to the All Things EV Podcast. In S1 E5 I cover Honda’s new battery deal, Porsche 3 years of free charging, an interview with Rivian’s CEO, EV winter driving efficiency, and a flurry of Tesla news.

Let’s dive in.

Honda inks battery deal with CATL

Under an agreement signed Monday, CATL will supply 56 gigawatt hours worth of batteries to Honda through 2027. To aid the Japanese automaker's research and development, the Chinese company will also set up in the first half of this year a facility in Japan's Tochigi Prefecture, one of Honda's R&D hubs.

Source: https://asia.nikkei.com/Business/Business-Deals/China-s-CATL-to-supply-Honda-with-EV-batteries-through-2027

Porsche Taycan

Porsche will offer 3 years of free charging to owners through Electrify America’s network in the US

There’s a few variable that aren’t clear are will the charging be capped by time or energy, or will it truly be unlimited. Additionally, keep in mind that Electrify American’s fast charging is no where near as dense as Tesla’s is currently.

Source: http://fortune.com/2019/01/29/porsche-electric-vehicle-taycan/

The Taycan was recently spotted in Norway doing winter driving testing

A reddit user NEXPTV posts several photos of two Taycan driving in snowy northern Norway. From what I could tell, these care appeared to have difference license plates as the ones spotted last October on Stelvio Pass in the Italian Alps.

Source: https://www.teslarati.com/porsche-taycan-test-mules-winter-driving-norway/


Model 3 prices in US now $1,100 less expensive. 

With a starting price now at $42,900, this should make it a bit easier for some to take the plunge and purchase the best selling EV in the US. Tesla says this is a result of production efficiencies and doing away with the referral program.

Source: https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1093042991994830849

European Model 3 began yesterday

As seen from Tesla’s Twitter account and many new European owners. Congratulations to everyone. This quarter is all about Europe and China.

Source: https://twitter.com/Tesla/status/1093691279249092608

Sentry Mode and Dog Mode role out next week

Source: https://electrek.co/2019/02/07/tesla-sentry-mode-next-week-break-ins/

Tesla acquires ultracapacitor and battery company Maxwell Technologies

The technology company was purchased for $200m worth of Tesla stock. Maxwell claims that with their dry electrode technology they can achieve 300 Wh/kg energy density, with a path to 500 Wh/kg. What does this mean for you? It means the batteries will last longer and allow for more range.

According to website The Conversation, they estimates a Tesla has a 254 Wh/kg. If this is true, Tesla has acquired a company that can improve their range ~15% at worst and 50% at best. This would be battery range improves between 385 - 500 miles (or 620 - 805 km).

Source: http://www.maxwell.com

Source: https://theconversation.com/teslas-batteries-have-reached-their-limit-heres-how-they-could-go-further-64765

Tesla does away with 75 kWh battery

Tesla follows through with doing away with the 75 kWh battery for Model S and X. Now they offer a Model S 100 kWh battery at 335 miles (539 km) call it the Model S Extended Range and a software downgraded 100 kWh battery at 310 miles (499 km) now known as just the Model S. Model X comes in at 295 miles (475 km) and 270 miles (435 km) respectively. Though they are no longer advertising the size of the lower range S and X I estimate it has access 93 of the total 100 kWh pack.

The cost to extend the range of both S and X is $8,000.

Source: https://www.tesla.com

Rivian in Aspen, Colorado

Rivian was in downtown Aspen to display their R1T and R1S to residents and visitors. I heard about this a few weeks prior and decided to make the four hour trip from Denver to Aspen. There I had a chance to sit down with CEO RJ Scaringe in a gondola going up the side of a mountain. The conversation lasted about 17 minutes and topics ranged from their vehicle specs, tackling range anxiety in the wilderness, and ballistic battery drop tests. Give it a listen.

Source: https://youtu.be/TCLb8AoOIQE

Efficiency of a Tesla in 10-20F temperatures

AAA, the American Automotive Association, published a report stating that in their testing they determined that they saw “on average, HVAC use at 20°F resulted in a 41 percent decrease.” To me, that sounded quite high so I decided to do my own test. This is the audio from an 8 minute video where I compare total winter driving from early October to date with 130 miles (209 km) in 10-20F temperatures (-12C - -7C).

Source: https://www.aaa.com/AAA/common/AAR/files/AAA-Electric-Vehicle-Range-Testing-Report.pdf

Wrap up

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